Showering or bathing for better health?

A randomised intervention study from Japan has compared the physical and mental health effects of daily full-immersion bathing with showering. The participant-reported results found here add practical insight to theories in favour of immersion bathing. The Background There are many lifestyle choices that have a direct impact on our health, such as smoking, exercise and … Read more

How dietary flavonoids can prevent neurodegenerative disease

Flavonoids are plant-derived compounds that have been indicated by recent studies to protect against age-related cognitive decline and neurodegeneration. Here, I discuss the cellular and molecular mechanisms suggested to underpin the positive effects of flavonoids on the brain. The burden of neurodegenerative disease has evidently increased in our ageing population – Alzheimer’s disease is set … Read more

Immunotherapy for allergy: novel strategies

In my previous article I summarised the latest ideas for preventing food allergy in early human life, and I gave an honourable mention for treating established food allergies too. Here, I further discuss immunotherapy as an allergy treatment method, focusing on alternative routes of immunotherapy that could minimise evident safety concerns whilst improving treatment effectiveness. … Read more

Dementia may be predicted via gut bacteria ‘signature’ and high-fat diet

Mice genetically prone to developing dementia demonstrate a distinct gut bacteria profile that is enhanced by a coincident high-fat diet, a new study finds. Background to the gut-brain barrier There is growing evidence for gut bacteria contributing to the onset of neurological disorders, through what has been termed the ‘gut-brain axis’. The gut microbiota produce … Read more

The Gut Bacteria of Cockroaches Provide a Potential Solution to Antibiotic Resistance

A new study suggests that the gut bacteria from cockroaches produce potent antibacterial compounds that could be utilised against multidrug-resistant pathogens. The Facts Antibiotic resistance has become a prominent issue in the treatment of bacterial infections, and has therefore emerged as a significant global threat to human health. An estimated 25,000 people die each year … Read more

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